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How To Create A Sign And Graphics Plan For Your Business

Be present even where you are not!

How to Create a Sign and Graphics Plan for Your Business?

When creating signage and graphics for your business, an effective plan needs to come into action. This plan helps you define a strategy helpful in fetching the best results with the right amount of effort. Signages are made to create a long-lasting effect. Hence, creating a plan that works best for boosting your business is what you should look for.

If you have an effective signage and graphics plan, you’re one step ahead of your competitors. Use your business's sign and graphics plan to increase brand awareness and build strong brand equity. Create your unique business identity that will go a long way in fetching you, loyal customers.

If this brief trigger your imagination and curiosity, read this blog to know how a sign and graphics plan can be vital to your business’s success.

Benefits of having signs for your business.

Businesses, small or big, need to capture their customers’ attention (and interest). Your business sign is your 1st frontline marketer that will narrate your story well. If your sign has an ideal mix of text and graphics, is perfectly positioned, is backlit or illuminated at night, and can be read precisely, even from a distance, you have hit the nail on the head.

Five benefits of signage that your business can’t ignore:

  • Signs offer a Cost-Efficient platform
  • Sign enhance your brand recognition
  • Signs communicate clearly and accurately
  • Signs offer unbeatable Visual Appeal to your business
  • Signs are a unique platform that supports multiple content formats.

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Tips for creating an effective signage plan.

There are a variety of signs present in the market. Each signage bears a reason and a purpose. So when you create a signage plan, these simple tips will come in handy.


If you expect your signage to receive maximum exposure, install it at a location where more people can see it. Position it so that any obstacle does not hinder the signage. Place it at a reasonable height and distance. People are constantly on the move. Hence, the best position will let them view your sign with minimal effort.

Read with ease: 

The fonts, their size, and the spacing in and around the text of your signage play a crucial role. Select them carefully.

Keep all these in proportion for strain-free reading. You can customize the color and texture of the fonts.

Keep It Simple, Keep It Specific

Keep your signage (message) Simple and Specific. Because people are on the move, one should not expect them to stop and read the signage. Your signage may carry important news, a slogan, some sarcasm, or a short update on a forthcoming event. You may display some funny text & graphics, making people laugh or asking for their vote on some prevailing crises. Your sign can communicate every emotion of life in a simple and specific manner. Avoid using dull and dark colors; add brilliant ones and make your signage lively.

Colors Rock:

Colors are universal, and colors are narrative. Add the right colors to your signage and create a lasting impression on the viewers' minds. You can go for theme-based colors. You can try out as many color combinations as you wish before finalizing with access to technology. Some colors are industry or event-specific. Your signage consultant can suggest various eye-catching patterns.

Use his expertise to decide upon the best material and media for your signage. Always remember that your signs stand tall 24X7. Hence select colors that make your message stand out during the day and the night.

Your Company has a Personality: 

Your Business Sign is not just your marketer but your excellent Brand Ambassador. Placing your company’s logo or regular slogan on your signboard won’t take you further. You must think out of the box to align words that pronounce your brand. Your signage must personify your company so that people can easily relate its content to your business. Your signage can be your best instrument to build trust and strengthen your brand value.

Your signage must carry an element that would invite your audience to interact with your marketing or sales team. Drive them into either calling you, having a chat or registering for a special discount sale. Doing any of these will eventually convert them to loyal customers.

Here are a few tips on using graphics while making signage for your business

Graphics is the base and the backbone of any signage. It is mandatory to use eye-catching and relevant graphics to make your signage effective.

Here are a few important tips for using graphics in your signage:

  • Make sure your graphics are consistent with your company’s branding. This will help customers recognize who you are and remember the purpose you stand for.
  • Use bright colors and interesting shapes to catch people's attention. Choose background graphics/colors that blend well with their frontend counterparts. If this combination is perfect, then the visibility of the text will not be compromised. Powerful graphics bring out the overall beauty of the signage.
  • The variety of graphics available might lure you into using a complex sequence. It doesn’t necessarily mean that a complex graphical sequence would successfully serve the purpose. In major instances, simple graphics give the best results. So try using simple graphics that enhance the beauty of your signage and allow easy reading from a distance.
  • You might have created signage for such products that update periodically. You may need to update the graphics (or text) present within your signage for such signages. Ensure that the signage on display is updated regularly and stays current with the existing product version.

    Displaying signage with outdated products or product versions negatively impact your brand. Your signage consultant can offer you the best suggestion to manage such signages. At times not using graphics proves more effective than filling it with graphics. Use empty spaces wisely to create visually attractive and graphically balanced signage.

How can signage help to market your business?

Creating and displaying awesome signages is your first step to building your brand.

Digital signage helps businesses display all their promotional offers, special discounts schemes, and limited-time deals. Customers get inspired to buy low-cost products in bulk by looking at the discounts. Customers may also get motivated to buy the stuff they might need in the future.

It is essential to understand and acknowledge the unique purpose of each signage category. If the sign is used for any other purpose than prescribed, it can make your marketing efforts go down the drain. People judge your business from the overall quality of your signage. Each sign serves a distinct purpose. Keeping that in view, signages, if used wisely, can provide your customers with a significant piece of information, increase brand awareness, and help convert your leads to sales.

Signage is a beautiful way to showcase all of your promotions and marketing efforts.

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Common signage mistakes to look for

Your signage campaign may soon become a disaster if you don’t avoid the following errors. So your purpose must be to create signage that carries your brand image and message properly.

  • Designing and installing your signage without a proper strategy won’t yield the right result. Discuss with your signage expert before concluding.
  • Clipper the unnecessary information. Your signage is your brand ambassador and not a garbage bin. Stick to displaying only the vital information.
  • Your business has a personality of its own. Incorporate colors, themes, patterns, and graphics that coincide with your brand aesthetics. The right colors can make your signage stand out from the surroundings.
  • If your signage is created using cheap, inefficient material, it won’t withstand damage due to harsh weather conditions and external factors.
  • If the supporting accessories and equipment are not high-grade, your efforts, time, and money get compromised. Invest your money, don’t waste it.
  • Signage Consultants have the right kind of knowledge and are trained to create quality and deliver value to your signage. Let the experts do their share of work so that you can reap maximum benefits. A DIY might not be a great idea in this instance.


We have tried to sneak peek at the various aspects of creating a sign and graphics plan for your business through this blog.
Sign Solutions is a Cayman-based company specialized in attending to your ever-growing signage needs. Sign Solutions provides its customers with a decent solution for signage and guides them through the entire process.

To understand more about creating signages in Cayman, call us today at 943-SIGNs (7446).

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