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Neon Signs

Capitalize on the coveted retro look

Neons are the immediate eye-catcher and give off the retro glam that is coveted by many. Neon signs are one of the primal forms of illuminated signage and even though the technology is moving leaps and bounds, nothing can quite match the gas-filled neon tube. It gives class and character to the signage, and evokes a sense of nostalgia in the onlookers.

If you are planning a perfect vintage-themed restaurant, dive-bar in the Cayman Islands or want to give your retail business an authenticity, there is no substitute for neon signs. These refreshing, unique signs can be implemented in channel letters, monument signs, light boxes and more.

Designing a perfect neon sign is an art which our team of artists has mastered over the years. The simplicity of bending tubes, filling them with gas and electrifying them to the bright, dazzling colors is our area of expertise. We provide the customization option in colors (7-colour variations), material and format and bring your imagination to life. While at it, we make sure they are weatherproof and robust.

Set your business class-apart with our neon signs at the guaranteed lowest prices* in the Cayman Islands.

Why is Neon Signs Important?

  • Brand reinforcement

    Impressions are made just in few seconds. With an attractive building signage, you use those few seconds wisely.

  • Draw Attention

    Good things never go unnoticed! With an elegant signage, passersby will have your store in the back of their mind and may later turn into buyers.

  • Attract Impulse Buyers

    With an appealing appearance on the outside, you may compel a person to indulge in an unplanned shopping at your store.

  • Marketing Opportunity

    While building sign is a must, it also helps promote your business 24/7.

  • Investment

    A shopper is always drawn to a store that has an appealing appearance. Hence, signage is your investment rather than an expense.

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