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Safety Signs

Create a safe and well-informed environment

Do you have to continually inform people, whether an employee or a visitor, about your workplace’s ground rules and policies? It’s time to put up a strong message at the foreground of your facility or in the lobby that commands maximum attention. Safety signs communicate what people can and can’t do at your facility. These signs maintain pleasant and safe working environments.

Make it easy for everyone to spot the entrance, exit, fire exit as well as other rules like a no-smoking zone or 'do not use mobile phones' among others. These signs also aid in alerting visitors, workers, and employees on work sites, construction sites, educational campuses, and other areas to minimize the risk of an accident or communicate steps to be taken in an emergency situation. Besides, they also make your facility in compliance with the activities related to health safety at work.

Sign Solutions offers a multitude of options for your safety signage needs in a variety of builds from acrylic to composite panels.

Make your business safety-compliant with our signs at the lowest price guarantee* in the Cayman Islands. Don’t believe us?

Why is Safety Signs Important?

  • Brand reinforcement

    Impressions are made just in few seconds. With an attractive building signage, you use those few seconds wisely.

  • Draw Attention

    Good things never go unnoticed! With an elegant signage, passersby will have your store in the back of their mind and may later turn into buyers.

  • Attract Impulse Buyers

    With an appealing appearance on the outside, you may compel a person to indulge in an unplanned shopping at your store.

  • Marketing Opportunity

    While building sign is a must, it also helps promote your business 24/7.

  • Investment

    A shopper is always drawn to a store that has an appealing appearance. Hence, signage is your investment rather than an expense.

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