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Light up your brand

Double up your business’ visibility with a light box. LED light boxes are powerful weapons to get the needed attention uncompromisingly even in the busiest lanes of the Cayman Islands. These illuminating signs are a perfect fit not only for the storefront or under the awning sign but also on the inside to grab visitor’s attention where it is most needed like wayfinding signs, signs above the reception area, and more.

Most of the restaurants opt light boxes to highlight their menu; whereas many businesses use it as a freestanding sign in the streetscape. With Sign Solutions, you get the most effective and customized lightbox that matches your budget and requirement. We not only design and deliver but also offer installation of these uniquely efficient signs with the help of certified electricians.

We provide a wide variety of lightbox and LED backlit sign solutions. Check below some of our main product lines:

  • LED Crystal Lightbox
  • Digital Menu Board
  • LED Indoor Backlit Lightbox
  • Single LED Lightbox
  • LED Frameless Box
  • LED Internal Power Supply Box
  • Crystal Magnetic Lightbox
  • Light-up Sign Box
  • Super large Lightbox
  • Sources and LED Lighting Products
  • UV Light Boxes & more...

We understand that every business is unique and create a personalized lightbox in all cuts and formats at the lowest price* in the Cayman Islands.

Why is Lightboxes Important?

  • Brand reinforcement

    Impressions are made just in few seconds. With an attractive building signage, you use those few seconds wisely.

  • Draw Attention

    Good things never go unnoticed! With an elegant signage, passersby will have your store in the back of their mind and may later turn into buyers.

  • Attract Impulse Buyers

    With an appealing appearance on the outside, you may compel a person to indulge in an unplanned shopping at your store.

  • Marketing Opportunity

    While building sign is a must, it also helps promote your business 24/7.

  • Investment

    A shopper is always drawn to a store that has an appealing appearance. Hence, signage is your investment rather than an expense.

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