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Acrylic Signs

Perfect chaos of beauty. functionality. durability.

Turn your workplace into a piece of art with heavy-duty, standard acrylic signs. They offer glass-like elegance and professionalism without being exposed to constant perils of breaking easily. Attributed to their sleek, refined appeal and functionality, they are most commonly used for displaying brand’s logo and name, department identification, nameplates, showroom signs, and a variety of other office signs.

These high-tech signs feature the standard thickness of around 4mm and are highly durable. With proper care, they can represent your Cayman Islands business almost indefinitely. Acrylic signs can be used for indoor as well as outdoor purposes and are usually hung on the wall with the support of studs. These signs are incredibly flexible and can be illuminated as well as heated up to fit any requirement. 

Sign Solutions offers standoff acrylic signs with a hanging kit comprising of 4 silver studs and can also help you with the installation, quickly and efficiently. If not handled properly, these signs can easily chip, get scratches or even shatter. Our team can engineer perfect, customized acrylic signs in the Cayman Islands in a multitude of formats, sizes, and designs coupled with your preferred Pantone color(s).

Frosted acrylic or acrylic sign with metal laminate, we can build a sign in your preferred finish at the lowest price guarantee* in the Cayman Islands.

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