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Fleet Graphics

Attain the ultimate in vehicle advertising

What leaves the highest impact on you as a target customer - a fleet of vehicles designed distinguishingly from each other or a fleet that has a uniform design throughout? It is undeniably the latter due to its harmonious design which makes it easily recognizable even in the thick crowd.

Get your brand out there in the public’s eye by leveraging your fleet’s high visibility and a uniform design across all the cars. Fleet graphics are vinyl adhesive decals applied on the exterior of vehicles especially cars to make you more noticeable. At Sign Solutions, we understand your brand should maintain such consistency and be represented in the same way everywhere. We design full-color, efficient, and customized fleet graphics that reflect your brand and shines bright even in the harsh weather conditions and maintains your brand’s consistency as well as portrays your professionalism.

We have designed many fleet graphics in the Cayman Islands for all sizes of companies and retail stores and have the required expertise to ensure you get what you are looking for, whether a full or partial fleet wrap. No job is too big or too small for our team! So, promote your business across the town while you make that next delivery or get your next customer as you park to grab some food with our fleet graphics!

Fleet graphics boost brand recognition 15 times more than other marketing methods! Get custom fleet graphics with us at the lowest guaranteed prices* in the Cayman Islands.

Why is Fleet Graphics Important?

  • Economical

    As compared to billboard and newspaper advertisement, vehicle signs are more flexible, cost-effective and efficient.

  • Positive Influence

    About 75% of people said that they have a positive opinion about companies implementing vehicle advertising.

  • Cover More Ground

    This mobile billboard helps you gain the maximum visibility and sets you free from time or place constraints.

  • Non-aggressive Technique

    Vehicle sign is the best way to create brand awareness without being unpleasant as opposed to chugging or cold calling.

  • Local Branding

    Great for small or medium business, such advertising instills a sense of trust and reliability in the local audience.

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