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Sneeze Guards

Prevent the spread of germs in style.

Being fully prepared in times of adversities is what makes your brand resilient and trustworthy for your staff and customers. To combat the spread of pathogens and contagious diseases, Sneeze Guards prove to be highly effective. It reduces the transfer of droplets from coughing or sneezing even when face masks and social distancing are implemented.

As your frontline employees need to interact with the customers, they need an added layer of protection aside from gloves and masks. Sneeze guard is a tool exclusively devised to enable cautious interaction between customers and employees. Thanks to the barrier of protection it provides, making your workplace safe for everyone.

Businesses in all verticals can install sneeze guards. Be it a corporate office reception, bank, hospitals, clinics, grocery stores, cafes, restaurants, etc. It goes well with your interiors and settings, maintaining the professional decorum of your office. Simultaneously providing strong protection against contamination to your employees and customers. 

Sneeze guards come in great variety to suit your business needs. Sign Solutions offers permanent, temporary, and portable installations - with the full range of customizable options. 

Benefits of Sneeze Guard

  • Made out of Crystal Clear Acrylic Glass
  • Easy to Disinfect and Clean
  • No drilling or Double-sided tapes required
  • Easy to Install without any Damage
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Highly Customizable

Reach out to us via phone or complete the form below for a quick quote for your next custom sneeze guard.

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