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Vehicle Signs

Make your vehicle a moving billboard

A visually appealing design on the vehicle is the first thing to catch the passersby attention on the road. Turn your vehicle into your brand ambassador and communicate your business 24/7. Well, that’s the advantage of using vehicle signs in the Cayman Islands; they advertise you on the move and help you build a new clientele cost-effectively by engaging thousands of new people daily.

Capitalize on this one-off investment by using a single vehicle or a fleet of them. Explore your options from cars and buses to boats and aircraft signs in the Cayman Islands with Sign Solutions and set your advertising wheels in motion. We offer wraps, lettering, magnetic signs and more.

Below are some of the popular Vista signs for businesses in the Cayman Islands

Durable and low on investment, vehicle signs are ideal promotional tools for your business. Explore your options and get them at guaranteed lowest prices* with us.

Why is Vehicle Signs Important?

  • Economical

    As compared to billboard and newspaper advertisement, vehicle signs are more flexible, cost-effective and efficient.

  • Positive Influence

    About 75% of people said that they have a positive opinion about companies implementing vehicle advertising.

  • Cover More Ground

    This mobile billboard helps you gain the maximum visibility and sets you free from time or place constraints.

  • Non-aggressive Technique

    Vehicle sign is the best way to create brand awareness without being unpleasant as opposed to chugging or cold calling.

  • Local Branding

    Great for small or medium business, such advertising instills a sense of trust and reliability in the local audience.

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