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Mesh Banners

Don’t let the weather beat your advertising effort

Mesh banners are the most suitable and cost-efficient signs for large-scale branding as they can withstand the windy conditions of the Cayman Islands without fraying, ripping or blowing away. This interlaced fabric is light in weight and allows the wind to pass through them without shrouding the message visibility. These outdoor mesh banners are built to last for an extended period in spite of the extreme weather conditions.

Leave behind the worries of damaged signage with our finely printed and durable mesh banners. These outdoor banners are UV and wind resilient, which makes them ideal for your storefront, building, and fence. Our clients have used these banners at sporting events, concerts, festivals and a variety of outdoor events.

Sign Solutions uses state-in-the-art printing technology to design bright banners that work in every setup. We also offer custom mesh banners to suit every pocket and business. You can explore your options with the help of our design experts. If you have any doubts, our team will offer you genuine, straightforward advice without any hard selling.

Seize the unique marketing opportunity with our highly opted mesh banners at the guaranteed lowest prices* in the Cayman Islands.

Why is Mesh Banners Important?

  • 24/7 Marketing

    An employee or customer will brand your business every now and then but a sign will do it ceaselessly 24/7.

  • High Impact and Reach

    An aesthetic sign strategically placed will effectively communicate your message to thousands of passers every day.

  • Creates Brand Awareness

    With your logo on the exterior sign, it helps in branding your business and thus, becomes an integral part of the marketing campaign.

  • Cost-effective

    As compared to other advertising means such as radio ad, signs are cost-effective and offer better returns on investment for a longer time.

  • Flexibility

    Place your ad where you think it will fetch maximum benefits. For instance, placing a club’s ad nearby or in front of a restaurant.

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