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Wrap Your Brand Around Tips For Vehicle Wrapping

Be present even where you are not!

Wrap your brand around! Tips for vehicle wrapping

Vehicle wraps can do wonders. In fact they are the wisest things to go for if you want your brand to be exposed to a good chunk of population at a reasonable price. Apart from the fact that they are mobile, and hence attract a lot of attention at a lot of places, they are durable and stick around for as long a period as 4-5 years if maintained in an ideal manner. They are better than paint because they are easily removable, thanks to the glass micro-beads that bring down the adhesive action. Here are a few useful tips for making your vehicle wrap pay you off!

  • All vehicle wraps use vinyl invariably and belong to two different classes – Calendared and cast. The cast category is a better one because it promises greater durability and visibility. Moreover, it allows the user to stretch the wrap evenly across the contoured corners of the vehicles, giving it a better finish.
  • The wraps need to be laminated. This helps in protection from harmful rays of the sun that have a diminishing effect on the ink. If the ink fades out, the visibility and glaze decreases.
  • While having the car washed, take care never to pass it through automatic wash. Automatic car wash generally, has harsh implications on the vinyl wrap. Instead, go for touchless wash. It keeps the vinyl wrap intact and does not harm the ink.
  • Hire a professional wrapping company who can do the work perfectly for you. Hiring just anybody can bring down the entire look and feel of the wrap. The edges have to be specially taken care of, since curling of edges can contribute to a bad finish and lower life of a wrap.
  • Take care to choose the right blend of graphics and text for vehicles wraps. Words, that look highlighted and beautifully finished into the background, have a wonderful effect on the business. Keep the message short, because people need time to read long messages and a moving vehicle does not provide that amount of time. A shorter one can do the work. 

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