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The Complete Guide To Political Yard Signs

Be present even where you are not!

The Complete Guide to Political Yard Signs

Political yard signs are simply advertising signs that can be placed on street-facing lawns or anywhere else on the property for instant recognition of a party or candidate. People place these to express the support for a political party, the candidate, or a political position. Political yard signs are highly successful in the United States of America and Canada, but they are slowly gaining popularity worldwide.

Political signs in the yard are now crucial in local and legislative elections for the following factors -  

  • Increases the chances of easy identification
  • Creates a sense of momentum
  • It saves the candidate from being labeled as a ‘radical.’
  • Assists in developing an organizational structure

Do Political Yard Signs Work?

The benefits mentioned above prove how political yard signs don’t only help spread the word for a candidate but also help the election parties establish a good standing in the respective regions. 

According to an Electoral Study, political signs increase a candidate’s voting share by 1.7 percent points on average.  Although comparatively, it’s not much but is better than nothing. The dynamic of winning can dramatically change even by 1.7%.

Benefits of Political Yard Signs 

1. Boosting awareness

Strike a perfect balance between generating awareness and not flooding the entire neighborhood with the yard signs. Every region, city, state, country will have different political yard signs rules, adhering to which is crucial. To increase the yard sign’s impact, choose a place where the candidate’s name recognition is the lowest. 

It just takes one right political yard sign and the right exposure for a campaign to gain momentum.

2. Engagement

Political yard signs create awareness about a candidate and increase the chances of boosting his/her social media engagement, donations, etc.

3. Visibility

People in-car driving by, passers-by, all will be able to notice the yard signs. Along with awareness, it will also create visibility and recognition.

General FAQ’s related to Political Yard Signs 

1. How many signs do I need?

The goal is here to boost name recall and visibility; hence there are no rules as to the numbers of political yard signs you can set up. Moreover, the number will depend on the voting area (the size of the region). Place the signs on private property so that it gains the sight of actual voters. Focus on placing the signs where you think you have the genuine chances of winning.

2. What details should my campaign signs have?

Your political yard signs should contain your first and last name and office that you are running for. Some states’ finance laws require a disclaimer that recognizes the person or group that provides funding for the sign. 

3. How to go about designing my campaign sign?

Simplicity is the key. Ensure that you use the blank space and do not add irrelevant information. The color scheme and font should be easy on the eyes and readable, respectively. Furthermore, experts at Sign Solutions will plan, design, and create political yard signs for you. We will guide you in each step of designing the perfect yard sign.

4. What are the general guidelines to follow, and how to keep the signs legal?

The laws and rules for the political yard signs differ depending upon the region. For example, many US states prohibit temporary signs such as campaign signs with blinking lights.

By complying with the local laws, you save yourself from the problems such as  - fines for non-compliance, accusations from opponents, and retrieval of confiscated signs.

5. Where can I place the yard signs?

First of all, if the property owner permits it, you can place it on any private property. It may also depend on HOA, i.e., Home Owner’s Association, based on the state and country they may and may not prohibit displaying the political yard sign.

As per a general rule, political yard signs may not be placed in the rights-of-way of state and federal roads or highways, also including road medians, shoulders, and utility poles.

Where do you get political yard signs?

To get the best quality political yard signs for your party and candidate, you need to trust companies that have been delivering similar solutions and have a comprehensive experience.

For many years, for elections in Cayman, political parties and candidates have considered Sign Solutions as their campaign partners. We have worked closely to understand the parties’ messages and ethos and showcase them through political yard signs.

We at Sign Solutions have a dedicated team to design your political yard sign. With the right visual marketing mix, we brainstorm and deliver political yard signs with impeccable design and tackle care of the installation. 

We know how timing plays a crucial role during elections; thus, we deliver same-day printing and installation solutions, depending on the quantity.

Team up with the best for custom political yard signs solutions; talk to our experts.

CTA - For on-time Design & Delivery of your Political Yards Signs, Call us Now!

For on-time Design & Delivery of your Political Yards Signs, Call us Now!

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