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Signs Important Or Not Let S Find Out

Be present even where you are not!

Signs, important or not? Let's find out!

Signs and signage have probably been the most ancient forms of communication that had paved way for early businesses. But since the introduction of the electric media, signs have seen a particularly set down preference among the advertising crowd. Despite this, there is still a lot of rosiness that is attached to this conventional form of advertising. Let's understand it in the form of pure, researched statistics.

  • 50% of the people who would be visiting your office or you website, would have known about you through the signage that you have used in different parts of the town. Signage successfully attract attention, quite contrary to television, radio and newspaper ads, which people necessarily tend to skip out in quest of the required information.
  • Almost 40% of your audience would never have come to know about your products and offering, has your sign not been within their visible area!
  • When you have something special to offer or show, signs are the best way to do so. Research says that 80% of your potent customers live withing 5 mile radius from where your business is located. If not 5 miles, the periphery could extend to at the most, 10 miles. As such, it is wise to depict your business communication in the form of signage.
  • Most of the human population tends to remember things that have been picturized and communicated through short crisp messages. A correlation between a catchy picture and a meaningful message is exceptionally important. This effect is achieved the best through signage and print ads.
  • An on-site signage is equivalent to 24 paper adverts annually. Saying this, we mean that your customers is likely to view your signage 24 times more than read your advert in a local newspaper. Connecting this with the previous point, we realize that a signage is way greater in weightage than print media.

Having a well-placed signage is extremely important for communicating your business in a lout, yet humble way.

Sign Solutions is a trusted and reliable company that provides commendable services and solutions as far as signs and signage are concerned.

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