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Make Your Banners Pay

Be present even where you are not!

Make Your Banners Pay!

Banners are conventionally a wonderful way to display your messages and offering to the right audience in the right manner; but only when they are made and advertised in the right fashion. Displayed in the wrong way, they can do more harm than good. As a business owner, it is an important responsibility to make sure that your banners are appropriate in their communication and graphics. Only then, can the desired results be attained. Here are a few ways to ensure that your banners are perfect representations of your communication.

Get your message crisp and clear

Time is precious and the same applies to your customers. Don't ask much out of them by writing long and complicated statements. Make your message hit the head direct! Crisp messages create great impression and more than often, viewers tend to recall messages that fit their brains clearly. Once remembered and recalled, the conversion rate increases a lot. That is not the case with long messages. They tend to pass by eyes without entering heads. You would definitely not want that!

Don't overuse graphics

Graphics tend to catch eyes. But too much of it distracts. Using a lot of colors and pictures would shift your audiences' attention span very quickly to the peripheral things and the main message is likely to get unnoticed. It is best to use a perfect blend of graphics, hue, and words. A balanced message seeks the best response.

Direction, distance and height matter

Visibility is a prime factor that plays a great role in the yieldingness of your banner. Too high, too low, too far away from the main path, too near, everything in extreme would destroy the impact that a banner should have. Understand how your audience would be flocking around and then decide the dimensions of the banner and where it is to be located.

Ensure the use of high-quality ink

The ink you use in a banner is as important as any other factor. After all, it would be taking the heat of the sun the entire day! It is best to ask your printer to use UV resistant ink. And 'green' being the contemporary term, use ecofriendly ink. The right quality and color of ink are sure to wand magic into your banners.

Happy Banner Fluttering!

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