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Importance Of Positioning In The Success Of Signs And Signage

Be present even where you are not!

Importance of Positioning in the Success of Signs and Signage

Signs and signage are a really important part of an advertising campaign. A well created, thoughtfully placed and wisely devised signage is hugely instrumental in an appropriate communication and action. To be noticed here, is that every single factor is equally responsible for deciding the impact of the signage. How the graphics have been used, what copy has been created, where has it been placed, at what height and facing which direction, everything is drastically important. Discussing hereunder, is a set of points pertaining to the placement and position of signage.

The neighborhood

This factor would depend on what it is, that you are communicating. Is it something that relates to homes and families, or it is something about cars and sport features! Or yet still, does it speak about a social message? It is wise to first decide whom actually you are targeting. A highway would be catering to a different set of audience as compared to a family locality. Deciding on your target audience would help you achieve optimal exposure and thus benefit you the most.

The height

Height is utterly important in deciding who views your signage and what impact it has. Side signage are specifically very sensitive to the height at which they are located. Remember, your audience would not be paining necks in order to see you signage. You will have to place your sidewalk signs at a height that accurately matches the line of sight of the on-looker. Make it easy for them and they will make it easy for you.

The direction

You definitely don't want to get the side wrong! The one who drives, tends to have an extremely small attention span for signage. A better target would be the one who sits beside the driver's seat. Observation says that this person is more likely to notice signs and signage placed on the sides of roads, even if they are at a high elevation. Direction can sometimes be a game changer! So you need to take care of it!.

Placement in stores

Entry and exit are important. Signage need to be placed at the entry of a mall or shop. People will see it and if they intend, can come to a purchase decision almost immediately. This is beneficial, since in most cases, action, here, purchase or at least thinking in that direction is guaranteed. Placement occupies an important part in deciding on the success of a banner, sign or signage and it better not be neglected.

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