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Importance Of Outdoor Signs For Your Business

Be present even where you are not!

Importance of Outdoor Signs For Your Business

Outdoor Signs: Why It is Important For Your Business

Do you run a 5-star restaurant in one of the most lavish areas of your town, serving mouthwatering delicacies & refreshing mocktails with a great ambiance and premium services?

Yet you wonder why your restaurant is not getting enough customers compared to other restaurants right across the street.

Maybe they have that you don't, 'Outdoor Signs.'.

Despite being one of the oldest forms of traditional marketing, outdoor signs never fail to grab the attention of people walking or driving by the streets. Still, many business owners are unaware of its power and importance. This is why we have published this blog to show how you can increase your 50% walk-ins just by mounting on-premise signage. 

Outdoor Signs: An Excellent Way to Get Better Exposure 

  • Grab Attention

Simply put, capturing customer attention indicates a lasting impression in mind. And this is what a custom outdoor sign for business does for your business. According to statistics, 35% of passersby will notice a sign, and when asked, 29% of them already knew about the business because they noticed the sign at the storefront.  So, you see, these simple yet creative storefront signs can help you create brand relevancy.

Moreover, how effectively a sign works for your business largely depends on how you place it. Aligning a sign at eye level to a distance of about five feet can easily catch pedestrians' attention, even standing at a distance.

  • Prompts Curiosity

Clean and highly contrasting colors with bold lettering on an outdoor building sign for business can certainly prompt curiosity among your target audience.

Did you know just by using attractive colors, you can increase brand recognition by 80%?

Red, blue, orange, yellow, and green are a few vibrant colors that are ideally used in outdoor signs.

While creating an outdoor sign, you must consider the number of words you use in the content. The statistics in the past have presented that you just get 1.5 to 3 seconds to hold a passerby’s attention. It is, thus, recommended to use short and straightforward content that’s easy to comprehend and justifies your message.

  • Pins Your Location

Numerous cafes and restaurants don’t get discovered easily because they get obscured in the corner of a building or in a quiet, unseen neighborhood, where customers keep searching for the location but still can’t find it. This is where outdoor signs come into play.

Installing a large outdoor sign for business makes it convenient for customers to find and visit you. A prominent signboard will never cause customer loss. And the additional foot traffic can help boost your sales and increase brand awareness.

  • Advertisement

The history of advertising is especially rich and fascinating. Posters, banners, and vinyl adhesives were the only way to promote your business. Later, in the 20th century, came the era of signage. Since then, it has become the main purpose of communication for brick-and-mortar stores.

Professional and high-quality outdoor signage can make you stand out among competitors in the market. You can promote your brand/business, display seasonal offers and new products/services, and convey a message. It also allows you to drive customers other than your target audience because of the exterior appearance.

Importance of Outdoor Signs

  • Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is indispensable for any business. Implementing an outdoor sign helps your brand provide instant recognition. Passerby can familiarize themselves with your offerings and make a purchase the same. With the help and an incredible sign strategy, you can create a great online presence, expand your audience, and showcase your unique side.

  • Unique Appearance

Can you remember the last signage of a famous brand you saw passing by? If yes, not only do you have a good memory, but kudos to that brand for creating memorable signage.

Outdoor signage can help your brand connect with its customers. Creative signage has a great recall value and compels pedestrians to stop and shop! 

  • Shows Your Commitment

There’s no abiding success without commitment - Tony Robbins.

And outdoor signs are the best way to showcase your commitment. Ask how? Let’s say, you have put outdoor signage showcasing the guidelines of social distancing. This not only indicates that your business takes precautionary measures seriously but also shows that you care for your customers, which puts their minds at ease.

This commitment strategy demonstrates the dedication and effort you have put in to grow your business. Plus, you win customers and their trust.

Since you are aware of the purpose and importance of outdoor signs, let us move toward the types of business signs!

Types of Business Signs


8 Best Types of Business Signs

1. Hanging Signs

A hanging sign, also known as a swing sign, is a two-sided, small, and eye-catchy signage often found mounted at the boutique and cafes. The dual-side view ensures clear visibility even from a distance in highly crowded streets.

This versatile signage is generally made of wood, PVC, and aluminum. They also can be hand painted and digitally printed. Custom colors, sizes, and shapes are never a problem with them. You can choose from the options and create the one that best represents your brand.

2. Wall Signs

Wall signages are generally painted or attached to the face of a building. They extend 12 inches or more and are parallel to the surface of a flat or opaque wall. These signages come in two types.

The first one is with a display area and no background. The individual letters or symbols illuminate from within.

The other type has a display area and a background. They are typically designed in plastic-panel, internally illuminated box signs.

You can design them as big as you want. Illuminated, non-illuminated, dimensional, or flat, they offer multiple options at great affordability.

3. Blade Signs

Typically mounted on the front of a building, storefront pole, or perpendicularly attached to the surface of a wall, a blade sign is the most effective way of attracting foot traffic for your business. They are particularly popular in downtown shopping areas and function similarly to wayfinding signage.

Earlier, these signages were carved out of wood, fast forward to today, they offer a modern feel with quirky designs and vibrant colors. Sandblasted Panel Signs, Box Cabinet Signs, and Aluminium Blad Signs, are the three most popular choices that you can consider. Each of them enhances the look of your storefront and adds a unique touch to your brand. You can never go wrong with Blade Signs.

4. Channel Letters

Channel letters are custom-made metal or plastic letters commonly used on the exterior of a facility. They are 3D signage that illuminates from within a letter. Day or night, these signages offer a 24*7 luminance to your establishment.

5. Reverse Channel Letters

Reverse channel letters are an extremely popular form of channel letters that offer unique lighting, illuminated from the back of each letter. Its 3D effect and intricate fabrication make it a perfect choice for exterior and interior applications.

They are highly durable, lightweight, and long-lasting. You can easily customize it as per the available space.

6. High-Rise Signage 

As the name suggests, they are intended to be positioned on the top of the building to give a visible and attractive view of the horizon. They are created with channel letters and used when the primary tenants of a building have secured rights in the lease to promote their business throughout the building.

7. Monument Signs

These ground-level signs are typically found at the entrance of schools, colleges, and event galleries to guide visitors easily. They are also recognized as free-standing signs mounted and come in different types -

  • Single-building monument signs

  • Multi-tenant monument signs

  • Illuminated signs

  • Outdoor directories

8. Pylon Signs

Pylon signs offer unparalleled visibility compared to other outdoor signages due to their apparent height. They are also freestanding outdoor signage supported by single or double poles. Aluminum or steel frame is the best material for outdoor signage.

These signs are a popular choice for gas stations, shopping centers, restaurants, complexes, and other businesses located on highways.

Advantages of outdoor signs

1. Cost-effective

Outdoor signage is the most economical marketing method with high ROI. The two primary reasons are the durability of the sign and low production cost.

2. Targets multiple demographics

Since outdoor signages are mounted on the exteriors of your business, they are likely to attract every passerby, leading to increased foot traffic.

3. Does not obstruct the way

Conventionally outdoor signs are mounted on the walls or poles, which doesn't obstruct the view of a pedestrian. They basically captivate customers’ attention from far away

4. Increase walk-ins

Nearly 8 out of 10 customers entered a store because of the signage. Displaying well-crafted and creative signage can attract customers’ attention, leading to customer increases at your storefront.

5. Easy customizations

Customizing an outdoor sign is easy as a breeze, whether it is the shape, size, color, design, material, or type. You can get it designed as per the requirements of your business.

Wrapping Up,

Lastly, if you don’t have outdoor signage for your store, it’s never too late to get one. It requires minimal investment, in turn, offers increased walk-ins and better visibility, and creates brand awareness. All in all, it's a sure-shot way to grow your business. 

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